The future is deep And Odyssey knows how to get there.

There is growing global demand for critical mineral resources to:

  • Power the green economy
  • Feed the world's growing population
  • Provide vital infrastructure

Land based deposits of cobalt, manganese, rare earth minerals, phosphorite, gold, silver, copper, nickel, and zinc are being depleted.

It is essential that we explore alternative methods to obtain these minerals. Virtually any mineral found on land can be found in the ocean. Odyssey is leading the way to environmentally and socially responsible obtain these resources by diving deep to produce results.

Odyssey provides access to critical minerals in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We are developing a portfolio of subsea mineral projects in different mineral sets and in different jurisdictions around the world. As we invest in each project and move them along the development path, risk is removed and the value of the deposit increases. From verification and quantification of a mineral asset to environmental impact studies and commercial planning, Odyssey has the expertise and experience to add value at every step.

Odyssey explores the deep ocean, surveying and mapping more than 26,000 square miles of seabed and setting records for deep-ocean accomplishments in its 30-year history. The Odyssey team includes researchers, geologists, and environmental and mineral experts as well as technical offshore professionals to gather and evaluate data about each mineral deposit.

Our diverse project portfolio, experienced team and innovative methods position us a key player in the field of deep-ocean mineral resource extraction. Our respect and passion for the ocean ensures we will accomplish our goals transparently and in a way that will provide immeasurable benefits in an environmentally and socially responsible manner for our company, the host countries we work with, and all of society.